The Great and Terrible Oz does another Lucy

Today the media are in frenzy over the latest White House shitstorm. True to form, and this is poetic, so I format it this way, but it’s still tricky –

The President now denies he said
What the Senators he said it to
Said he said.

Speculation is flying thick and fast about how this will maybe even shut down the Government. Is he crazy, what does it mean, is there a strategy or is this just because he’s “not a career politician?” America is yelling at the radio again, driving to work in some of the most disastrous weather in recorded history.

And again, we are caught up in this swirling chaos, the DACA-registered-in-good-faith families are thrust back into a state of constant terror, as ICE raids the local 7-11 (Why not Ikea?) Oh, and he stuck his thumb in Great Britain’s eye, again blaming Obama for a Bush “deal” about an embassy. All this just hours after throwing open our entire coastline except Florida to whatever Exxon-Mobil wants to do to it. We know we can trust them, they knew all about global warming forty years ago, like Phillip Morris knew all about lung cancer.

Will we ever notice what actually happens when the President says or does anything? So far all we notice is our reactions to his insane ravings and con-games. Instead, we need to notice what happens right then and there: chaos, terror, violence and distraction is what happens. That is the whole point. That is the sole purpose of everything Trump. Not DACA; not The Wall. Not Jerusalem. Just chaos. He throws a stink-bomb into the pews and in the confusion robs the plate. We get confused because he does this from the pulpit.

Sorry, but metaphor is the best way to explain this. Information has lost its punch.

This time he did the Lucy: he set up the Senators with promises that he would not pull the football away just when Charlie Brown was committed to his next field-goal attempt. The politicians had to buy in, they had to pretend that this consistent liar was, this once, telling the truth, so that later they could be all innocent, having given the benefit of the doubt.

But there was never any doubt. Gleefully, Lucy jerked it away, watching them land in undignified positions for the entertainment of a benumbed electorate. Then his backers went to work trying to insinuate that it was the media who said “shithole”, and not Trump. The media swallowed this classical schoolboy mischief yet again, hook, line and sinker, unable to consider that a President of the United States could get into office with the personality of an eight-year-old. Once again, the argument is between the media and the mogul, and whatever else happened today will be old news, if we ever find out about it.

The trouble is we have to keep the game going. The President doesn’t care if we do or not, because he is a psychopath. That part of his brain will be found missing, if we ever get to look. So this will continue, and get worse and worse, because Information is not the most powerful technology anymore. The Information market is glutted. Information, whether fake or not, is worthless now, we’re knee-deep in the stuff.

Attention is the name of the game now. And the people who speak that language have taken full advantage. Just like the early-adopters in the Stone Age, who apprently began to beat their neighbors over the head during beta-testing. If history is any guide, the rest of us may expect to be colonized, again. If the planet lasts that long.


┬ęCopyright 2017 Peter Barus