Oligarchs End the World

It’s too bad about America, but it’s really sad about Earth.

While the administration sets about knocking over serious policies that have moved humanity away from danger, and standing up policies that invite genocide while accelerating terminal forces now threatening all life everywhere in the known universe, the seas are rising, the ice caps and glaciers melting, the oceans becoming toxic to the organisms that produce oxygen, the fish and the corals, the tundra releasing planet-ending quantities of methane, forests are burning, hundred-year flood events are coming annually, tornadoes are ripping up cities.

These events and processes could be slowed and eventually stopped or reversed, but with the feedback loops involved, just now is very probably our only window of opportunity. If we stop burning oil today, we may still have killed ourselves off like dinosaurs, extinct, kaput, finished. No human beings anymore.

Forty-Five and his fellow oligarchs, maybe led by Putin, will not wake up to this reality any time soon, if they are even aware of it, and they are in charge of the biggest scientific institutions in history. The oil barons knew what would happen before almost everybody else.

Apparently they believe they can survive Apocalypse. If they can construct some kind of shelter from the heat and cold and poisonous fumes that are surely upon us already, they may yet inherit the Earth. A barren, scortched, lifeless ball of dirt, without resources beyond whatever they happen to take with them into their bunkers.

But this is total baloney: nobody will survive with 160 degree days and subzero nights. Major cities under several feet of ocean water. Maybe life itself will not be snuffed. But to have human-like critters again will take eons, if ever. Whoever they are, they will not find any trace of us at all. Maybe some redistribution of certain minerals will be faintly traceable in the substrates of their world. Maybe some of our nuclear waste dumps will kill a few of them off. They’ll never know about us.

This crime is so evil that there isn’t even a name for it. Our failure to identify and arrest the perpetrators sentences all of us to oblivion. The likely course of events is that we will be overtaken and overcome by our damage before we succumb to global warfare again, or mass chemical infertility, or global pandemic, or radiation sickness. Starvation is the most immediate threat now. It is as if we looked up and could see another planet sitting directly in Earth’s orbit, catastrophe unavoidable, the end absolutely inevitable.

After that the very concept of crime will mean absolutely nothing, as if it never had existed. Such a thing as a piano, or a shovel, or a football, will become an object without meaning to anyone, ever. All art, music, literature, medicine, magic, alchemy, addiction, love, hate, war, poverty, wealth, work, bondage, freedom, war and peace will have disappeared from the universe.

The universe itself – with nobody to know it’s there, will it even exist?

No. That was all in the minds of humans.

©Copyright 2019 Peter Barus