The Paradigm Shift

Until very recently the kind of event that could induce a similar brain-state in a group of people, binding them together in terror or jubilation, had to be something like a war. This is no longer the case: a "tweet" will do it...

The Embattled President

the current head of State barks orders, most of which aren't even remotely Constitutional. While the media and its "consumers" struggle to see some rational plan behind the chaos, they are owned and controlled completely by what the Samurai considered entry-level strategy.

Oligarchs End the World

Such a thing as a piano, or a shovel, or a football, will become an object without meaning to anyone, ever. All art, music, literature, medicine, magic, alchemy, addiction, love, hate, war, poverty, wealth, work, bondage, freedom, and peace will have disappeared from the universe.