Does Experience drive Perception? Vice-Versa? Or What?

Training is both practice and expression of a discipline. It isn't just practice in the sense of preparation: it's practice in the sense of taking on a certain way of being. Every discipline has its forms, and training is the earnest attempt to match performance to that form. Rinse and repeat, as they say. Perceptions may be adjusted through the specialized language of a discipline and through physical repetition of its forms.


March 21, 2020 Another Paradigm Shift: we were isolated mentally, in little screen-bubbles; now we're isolated physically, "sheltering in place", and the Attention Harvesting machine that has kept us misinformed and upset is clogged and stalled. We all see the same thing now: our normal way of life is potentially deadly; and nobody is immune.… Continue reading Viral

Electability. Pfft.

I wrote this just about a week before the virus panic started. Now that we’ve kind of settled down a little, we still have an election to think about. And we might even come up with a workable, reliable, online voting system, counted by girl scouts and nuns (thank you Jane Stillwater). But there are considerable interests that are dead set against that, because — well we all know what would happen if everybody voted, and their votes were actually counted honestly. I’ll just say it flatly: Bernie would be elected by a landslide.